Industrial Automatic Sugar Cooking Mixer Machine

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Under the stimulation of the fast life style, convenient and instant seasoning has become the most popular seasoning. The performance of Longze Industrial Automatic Sugar Cooking Mixer Machine in the market is increasingly eye-catching. The raw materials composition of compound seasonings is more complex than ordinary seasonings. Different combinations can form new seasonings, which also provides the possibility for the sustainable development of convenient seasonings. As seasonings become more and more popular in the market, only manual frying can no longer meet the  demand of development, if you want to produce seasonings in large quantities, then this kind of cooking mixer machine is your first choice!
Industrial Automatic Sugar Cooking Mixer Machine in the workshop
Cooking Methods Of Stir-frying Sugar:

There are three methods to fry the sugar color, one is water fry, one is oil fry, and the other is water and oil stir-fry. Each of the three methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. The big difference is that the frying time is shorter, 4 minutes faster than the water frying of sugar color, but it is more difficult. The chef needs to be experienced because it requires that the chef should act quickly; The time of water frying method is long, but it’s advantage is that it is not easy for the materials to stick to the pot, and it is easy to master.
The water stir-fry sugar method means that the ratio of sugar and water is 1:1, as to the choose white granulated sugar, soft white sugar or crushed rock sugar, that varies from person to person. I personally think that rock sugar looks better than the regular sugar after frying, but it needs to be processed into powder in advance.
foreign clients buying Industrial Automatic Sugar Cooking Mixer Machine
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