Industrial Automatic Meat Paste Cooking Machine

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With the acceleration of the pace of our daily life and the rise of the kitchen revolution, automatic cooking device has become the leading role of food processing machine, which is unstoppable.The ordinary big cooking stoves have obviously been unable to keep up with the steps because of the fast pace of food stalls, school canteens, the army. Then we launch the Industrial Automatic Meat Paste Cooking Machine, it can be used to fry the meat and stir-fry sauce, which will free both hands, providing the operators with a more easy working environment.
Producing Meat Paste Using Industrial Automatic Meat Paste Cooking Machine
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haracteristics of Industrial Automatic Meat Paste Cooking Machine
1.This cooking machine uses 380V electric power as the heat source. It is equipped with electric heating rod, electric thermocouple and heat conducting oil (self-supplied), which can reach up to 320 degrees. It is controlled by electric control box and it is also equipped with automatic temperature control system. It also has the advantages of large heating area, even heating, high thermal efficiency, short liquid boiling time, which makes it easy to control the heating temperature.
2. It is safe and convenient to operate this kind of cooking machine because it is made of acid and heat resistant austenitic stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve or electric control box.
Foreign Clients Buying  Industrial Automatic Meat Paste Cooking Machine
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