Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine

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Product Introduction of Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine:
In recent years, under the background that coal-fired equipment has become the main battlefield of air pollution control, the government began to forcefully promote the comprehensive transformation of energy conservation and environmental protection of coal-fired equipment in many places. At present, the choice of alternative energy sources of coal equipment mainly focused on natural gas, diesel, alcohol-based fuel, power, or geothermal in the market.  Among them, alcohol-based fuels are gaining momentum due to their good economy, better cleanliness than diesel and natural gas, and the convenience of promotion and application, especially in areas where the natural gas pipeline network cannot be popularized.
Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine in the workshop
Longze Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine uses steam, liquefied gas, natural gas, new alcohol, electromagnetic as heating resources. As for the stirring method, it uses special inclined planetary transmission, the agitator can fully touch the pot body. It also achieves the non-integer transmission ratio of revolution and rotation to ensure that there is no stirring dead angle in the pot, and the material is stirred evenly so that it won’t stick to the pot. The transmission part employs an advanced transmission and sealing structure to ensure that the pot can always be clean and sanitary. The perfect combination of frequency conversion governor, cycloid reducer and inclined transmission increases the transmission torque, and the stirring speed can be adjusted at will within the speed range. The hydraulic lifting can turn over the pot and  discharge the materials automatically,which is more labor-saving, time-saving and labor-saving.
foreign clients buying Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine
The big pot of Longze Industrial Automatic New Energy Alcohol-based Cooking Machine is strong and durable; It abandons the old way of burning, so that the fire in the furnace can be transmitted to the surrounding environment. It has the characteristics of even fire, energy saving, high efficiency, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, no pollution, which makes it suitable for hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions, so it is the ideal central kitchen equipment. There are different kinds of sizes of Longze cooking machine. The big one can stir-fry about one hundred and twenty kilograms of vegetables, and the small one can only produce five to six kilograms. So the big one is for the central kitchen, and the small one can be used in the fast food industry.

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