Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine

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We have learned, in view of the large number of people eating in some schools in the central city, the food processing area is small and cannot be expanded. Now the Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machinecan run automatically with the application of the artificial intelligence control. So it not only reduces the labor intensity of chefs, but also improves the cooking speed. At the same time, it increases the food variety and quantity. Does this kind of cooking machine make good food?Of course, the food is delicious and healthy.
different parts of Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine
Safety is guaranteed: Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine uses all-inclusive electromagnetic heating, it doesn’t need to use coal and gas, so that it eliminates the poisoning event caused by gas leakage, and safety is extremely guaranteed. It also simulates cooking skills of the chef when it cooks the food, using the air design of the circulation system, cooking in an aerobic method, which ensures that the nutrition won’t lost, the products taste more delicious, and the color of it is more bright.
Product Features Of Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine:
1. It has the advantages of full combustion, no smoke and dust-free, there is only a small amount of carbon deposition, and there is no environmental pollution.
2. The flame temperature can be adjusted freely, the maximum temperature it can reach is about 300℃.
3. The reasonable structure of it ensures that it is easy to use and operate.
4. It also has the advantages of powerful energy saving, fierce fire, and thermal efficiency is about 25% higher than similar products.
5. The fuel includes liquefied petroleum gas, pipeline gas, natural gas, alcohol-based and other options.
6. The gas consumption of it is about 20% lower than similar cooking machines.
Technical Characteristics Of Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine:
1. High efficiency, energy saving, lower operating cost;
2. The installation and operation of it is simple, small floor space can reduce the cost;
3. It can also significantly improve the working environment and health conditions;
Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine in the workshop
The discharging and return of the Industrial Automatic School Canteen Cooking Machine uses mechanical automatic control, which makes it easy to operate. The frequency converter is used to control the stirring speed, and the stirring speed can be reasonably adjusted according to the viscosity of the material, which ensures that it is easy to implement the food production process. If you are interested in this kind of cooking machine, please feel free to contact us. 

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