Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine

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The automatic continuous production of syrup can be realized by simulating artificial stir-frying technique. The Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine is equipped with our self-developed SUS304 high frequency coil so that it can realize accurate temperature control, and the taste of syrup is more pure and unique. The automatic temperature control can control the temperature very precisely, therefore, it can protect the environment and save energy. The mixing is even so this series of cooking machine is in the leading position in China.
producing Syrup using Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine
ot Features:
1. Advanced stirring mode: the stirring mode uses special tilting transmission, and the planetary mixing shaft can fully touch the pot body. The mixing system uses the method of combining rotation and revolution, and the moving ratio of its transmission is a non-integer ratio to ensure that there is no mixing blind spot in the pot.
2. Safety highlights: The pot of Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine is made of 304 stainless steel and it is polished, in line with the China Food Hygiene law.
3. The materials adding is convenient and easy: The automatic hydraulic type of this series of cooking machine  is to use the hydraulic thrust to turn over the stirring arm, there is no need to disassemble and assemble the mixing shaft, then use the hydraulic thrust to turn over the pot body, which makes it easy to add and discharge  materials so it can save manpower.
foreign clients buying Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine
1. All parts of the Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine that touch the food are made of SUS304 stainless steel.
2. The inner tank is made of 304/201 plate, and the thickness of inner tank is 5MM.
3. Patented coil.
4. Self-developed foot moving magnetic switch
5. LED display
6. Equipped with "Infineon" IGBT(digital signal processor) movement imported from Germany.
7. Anti-misoperation switch
Pot Characteristics:
The Industrial Automatic Syrup Cooking Machine
of Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd is equipped with spiral mixing shaft and stirring device to make sure that the material can be fully mixed and heated. At the same time, the heated materials and unheated materials are continuously mixed evenly through the stirring device. The good technical performance, simple and convenient operation of this cooking machine makes it perfectly suitable for the pre-cooking, preparation, production of high viscosity food material. Furthermore, it can also mix the material evenly, and the materials can be heated quickly, there is no dead angle while mixing.The speed can be adjusted from zero to any level of speed you need because of the frequency conversion speed regulation.

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