Industrial Automatic Sugar Stir-fry Cooking Mixer Machine

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Why chooses Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd?
The company has a group of high-level management personnel and a technical team, they are good at studying the development and design.With the rising labor costs nowadays, the degree of automation of cooking machine determines the production efficiency, as well as the future development direction of the company.

Product Structure: 
This series of Industrial Automatic Sugar Stir-fry Cooking Mixer Machine can stir the materials evenly and control the temperature accurately. The original color, aroma and taste of raw materials are maintained. The efficiency of frying is improved, the energy consumption is reduced and the time of frying is shortened. This food zone of this cooking machine is made of stainless steel. It can be used for producing bean paste, fruit paste, jam and it can also be used in other food processing, for example, the traditional Chinese medicine industry and other high viscosity materials. As for the discharging, the pot can automatically turn over the material, which makes the production convenient, rapid and thorough, so it is suitable for the thick and granular materials frying.
How to control the temperature when stir-frying sugar?
In the process of refining,the biggest worry is the temperature problem because if the temperature is too high, it will make rock sugar coke rapidly. In that case, it will produce a lot of foam, these bubbles will coke and it will taste bitter under the high temperature. After pouring the oil into the hot pot, then put rock sugar inside, when there is a little foaming, the fire should be changed to medium level. We need to pay attention to that it is difficult for the small fire to make rock sugar coke, but if the the fire is too fierce, that will lead to the charring of rock sugar. After switching to medium fire, the  Industrial Automatic Sugar Stir-fry Cooking Mixer Machine should also be constantly stirring, in order to reduce the temperature of rock sugar liquid to realize  coking but not carbonization.
Tips of Stir-frying Sugar:
What is the Longze Industrial Automatic Sugar Stir-fry Cooking Mixer Machine used for? The answer is stir-frying sugar, which is that adding hot water to the sugar liquid when it turns claret in the cooking process. The most important moment is the last few seconds after foaming, preparing the ingredients and cooking them in the pot just before all the sugar has completely foamed. This series of cooking machine uses electromagnetic heating, gas heating (natural gas, liquefied gas), and it has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, even heating and so on. The natural gas mixture and flue gas emission makes the operation safe and efficient.

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