Heating Methods Of Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer

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1. Steam Heating:
When you use steam as heating resource, you need to operate it with a boiler or steam generator. This kind of heating method has the advantages of low price, easy operation, large heating area, high thermal efficiency,  and easy control of heating temperature. Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer can heat up the material fast, and the heating is thorough. After turning off the power supply, the pot temperature can drop to normal temperature quickly, it avoids that the material continues to be heated so that the material won’t stick to the pot. The temperature of the material heated by steam can reach to 130°C-150C, so it is suitable for high viscosity materials.
Producing Sauce Using Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer
2. Gas Heating:
The gas heating method mainly uses liquefied gas and natural gas as the heat source. The main feature lies in the open flames , and the flame size can be adjusted. The heating speed is fast, which improves the efficiency and reduces the production cost. Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer is especially suitable for cooking and marinating materials which require high temperature.
3. Electric Heating Heat Conduction Oil Heating:
This kind of heating method uses the electric heating heat conduction oil as heating medium. The pot body is composed of inner and outer pot body double structure. The heat conduction oil is poured into the intermediate sandwich, and it is heated using 380 v power source of heat. The Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer is equipped with electric heating rods, electric thermocouples and heat transfer oil (self-made), the temperature of it can reach 320 degrees. It is controlled by an electric control box, and it is equipped with a temperature control system (which can realize temperature control and setting). The temperature drops slowly after the oil temperature rises, which is suitable for continuous operation.
foreign clients buying Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer
4. Electromagnetic Heating:

The electromagnetic heating method uses magnetic field induction eddy current heating principle, it uses the current through the coil to generate a magnetic field.When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the iron-containing pot, a small eddy current is generated, which causes the pot itself to heat up at high speed, and then heats the food in the pot. Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer is suitable for frying and concentration of materials. Moreover, the firepower is large, the mixing is even and the pot is not mashed. The automatic control and the automatic discharging makes the production convenient. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly multifunctional equipment.

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