Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine

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We can eat so many delicious sauces, it is not only because of the sauce making technology, but also thanks to the development of Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine. The large capacity, automatic, standardized sauces stir-fry mode can quickly stir-fry sauce in a short time, makes sure the production mode is safe and hygienic. At the same time, it can guarantee the production of sauce so you don’t need to worry about the quality when you have it.
foreign clients buying Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine
Operation Process:

1. Test personnel must read the relevant standards and test procedures repeatedly before operation.
2. After the preparation, turn on the power first, observe and select the control state.
3. Conduct 1~2 test runs before use, and make sure the Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine is in a normal working state.
4. Wipe the inner pot and the mixing blades of the cooking mixer with a damp cloth.
5. Add the specified amount of graded standard condiment into the condiment adding tank in the order of first coarse and then fine.
the workshop of Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine
6. Add the pre-weighed water and other ingredients into the wet Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine according to the order of adding water first and then ingredients. Pay attention not to spill the water and sauces out of the pot, and then put them on the mixing seat, tighten clockwise and rise to the mixing position for stirring.
7. Start switch so that Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine can operate according to the following mixing program: first, slow 30 s, 30 s again slow (sand) at the same time, then quickly 30 s and then pause in 90 s, the operator can clean up attachments to mixing blade inside of the pot and on the side of the wall within 15s), finally to stir it for 60 s. After you complete the mixing, the machine will automatically stop, and it will enter into the next procedure.
8. Clean the mixing pot and repeat the above procedures (4~7) for the second mixing until all the tests are completed.
9. Shut down, power off, and clean up the workplace.

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