Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine

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We, Shandong Longze machinery Co., Ltd. are a professional cooking mixer manufacturer company. Our company's Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine uses intelligent PLC control system to achieve accurate temperature control, automatic control of frying time, frying temperature, frying speed and so on.
Producing sauce using Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine
Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine
, means that we equip the pot body with planetary mixing shaft and semi-automatic discharge. It can stir-fry the sauce quickly using the planetary stirrer with continuously variable speed,and it can heat sauce evenly and make the sauce look better in color and have a better flavor. When you need to discharge the material, turn the pot using the hand reducer, so pouring material will be convenient. This cooking mixer is suitable for small-scale sauce processing plants.
Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine,when you hear the the name of it, you know that it will free your hands without manual hand. All the operator needs to do is to press the button, the planet stirrer will start to work. It can support 24 hours of continuous production, because the automatic mixing, automatic frying, automatic discharging, can achieve the automatic production of sauce. In addition, this cooking mixer is more suitable for large and medium-sized sauce processing plants.
We also have another kind of multi-talon stir-fry cooking mixer, which is manufactured based on the Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine, using two groups of planet stir-fry device, multi-talon stir-fry way is a more easy method to stir-fry the materials. It is also more suitable for large capacity production of high viscosity sauce, so it is an excellent choice for large sauce factory.
foreign clients buying Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine
When the Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine produce sauce, the mixing shaft of it can stir 360 degrees, so that there is no dead angle of bottom scraping. There is no the phenomenon of sticky paste even you use it to stir-fry viscous material.That’s why it is widely used in with meat sauce, hot pot condiment. It can also used to produce all kinds of stuffing which need stirring, boiling, frying, such as jam, donkey-hide gelatin products and sugar. It can also be used in large canteen restaurant, authority, unit canteens, hotels and other catering places. Therefore, it has a very wide range of usage, and it's a big deal in smart cooking.

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