Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer

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With the rapid upgrade of the consumer market and fast-paced work and lifestyle, the number of people dining out is increasing, which further drives the overall expansion of the catering market. It is true that in recent years, as the demographic dividend advantage has become less obvious and the food safety supervision has become increasingly strict, the labor-intensive catering industry is facing multiple pressures such as labor costs and food safety.
Producing Sauce Using Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
Catering companies have increased demand for efficiency improvement and refined management. Using new technology to increase management level, optimize cost structure, and increase profit margins is the common choice of many businesses. In the context of the current epidemic, Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd.   Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer has shown its skills, which not only improves the efficiency of meals, reduces the cost of manual cooking, but also guarantees the safety and hygiene of cooking.
In the catering industry, facing the large flow of personnel, rising labor costs, as well as higher and higher demands and requirements on the consumer side, and increasingly strict catering safety supervision, Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer will undoubtedly become important technical support for catering companies that save time, effort and cost, and ensure catering safety.
shipment of Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
1. When cooking, there is no need to manually stir fry.
2. There is a protective cover to prevent the staff from being burnt.
3. Press button to start stirring, one button to turn off the power and stop automatically. 
4. Automatic discharging without manual pouring
5. There are a variety of heating methods such as electromagnetic heating, gas heating, etc. for customers to choose.
6. The whole pot body of Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer is made of stainless steel 304, and the pot is imported from Japan (quality is guaranteed)
In a sustainable society, energy conservation and emission reduction are an important topic. In order to respond to this topic, based on the basic processing technology, our company relies on independent innovation to develop digital technology, intelligent technology, PLC technology, etc., to transform from traditional simple machinery to automated machinery.As for the material, it also highlights the beautiful and durable characteristics, so Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Cooking Mixer is neat and tidy. It does not cut corners and materials. It is a conscientious manufacturer and enhances the market competitiveness of products.

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