Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer

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It is said that Mala Tang, the predecessor of Mala Tang, is famous for its spicy and heavy taste, and at the same time it is hot and spicy. It caters to modern people, especially the pursuit of "heavy taste" by many urban people. With people's pursuit of health, flavor and taste, as well as the demand for food safety on the table, that is more and more intense.
Users who use the Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer with to produce spicy condiment can set the multi-level frying recipe process according to the man-machine interface, which can store frying temperature, frying time, frying speed, frying power, etc. According to different material properties. The temperature of this kind of cooking mixer can be automatically controlled, and the mixing uses frequency conversion speed regulation. The mixing speed can be adjusted freely without manual operation.
producing Hot Pot Sauce using Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
Product Advantages:

1. The heating method of the Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer: energy saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, and the pot body is heated evenly.
2. Stirring method: planetary stirring, using an incomplete integer ratio of rotation and revolution, making the stirring more even and the bottom scraping more thorough.
3.Temperature measurement method: it adopts automatic temperature measurement and a special temperature measurement structure to make the temperature measurement signal transmission more stable and accurate.
4. With built-in pipeline layout, the surface of the base is clean and hygienic, so it is easy to clean and there is no dead end. Longze's latest model can be washed all over, and interested friends can call for consultation in the upper right corner.
5. Discharging method: The pot body of Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer is automatically turned and discharged, and the discharging is fast and thorough.
6. The structure is reasonable, the operation is not easy, and the indoor environment is kept hygienic.
foreign clients buying Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer can solve the problem that various technological parameters in the processing process are set based on the experience of the operator to control the product quality, avoid the influence of human factors in the processing process on the product quality, improve the controllability of the process, and ensure the uniform quality of the fried products in each pot stability. At the same time, it can save labor and improve production efficiency, thereby achieving multiple goals.

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