Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer

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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies various sizes and models of Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer; All heating methods are customized. This kind of cooking machine is made of pure SUS304, the first in China. The imported movement reel, German Infineon technology, have obtained two national patents. Electromagnetic heating is a trend in the future, because there is no pollution, no exhaust gas, and no noise.
Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer in the workshop
This kind of cooking mixer is undoubtedly the multi-function equipment for frying, stir frying,boiling, and stewing. This is undoubtedly a huge improvement compared to the single function of a microwave oven, and it saves kitchen space to the greatest extent. The cooking  machine has a compact structure and it is convenient to operate without radiation, and there is no risk of leakage. It is better to use an Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer for cooking food in a large food processing company. It can save money, because the energy consumption rate of this kind of cooking mixer is about 95%, and if gas tank is used, half of the heat energy is consumed by combustion, and energy consumption is used. The rate is low. At the same time, it has no pollution except for almost negligible radiation. The use of gas tanks may cause sulfur pollution, and it will also make meals lose nutrition.
foreign customers buying Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer
The diameter of Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer ranges from 700 mm to 1200mm, and it can be customized. With the equipment, there is no need to ask the chef to overturn the spoon, a ordinary worker can easily stir fry high-quality dishes. This series of cooking mixer can significantly improve the working environment and sanitary conditions. It is heated quickly and the temperature is adjustable; The circulating aeration system is designed to simulate the chef’s air-receiving cooking skills, aerobic cooking, to ensure that no nutrition is lost. The taste is more delicious and the color is brighter.
When operators use ordinary cooking machines to cook meals, they may produce different products due to the different craftsmanship and operating habits. However, that won’t happen if the operator uses Industrial Automatic Stir Fry Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer because it has successfully achieved production standardization. The agitator and scraper have a unique structure design, the materials are stirred and mixed more evenly, the scraper is more thorough, and it is not easy to cause the phenomenon of sticking. The service life of the equipment is more than 10 years.The operator only needs to press the buttons, then it won't take long for it to produce a hot delicious dish.

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