Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle

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The introduction of chili sauce sandwich jacketed kettle cooking mixer
Chili sauce, every city, every hotel has an ingredient, there are two kinds of oil and water. The oil system is made of sesame oil and pepper, which is bright red in color, with a layer of sesame oil floating on it, easy to keep; the water system is made of water and pepper, which is bright red in color, not easy to keep. For different chili sauce technology, Longze has different heating methods and different structural forms of automatic chili sauce frying jacketed kettle cooking mixer.
 chili patse cooking jacketed kettle
Structure of hot pepper sauce sandwich cooking mixer
Longze hot pepper sauce frying pan is mainly composed of a base, a gas appliance, a pan body, a pan tilting device and an automatic stirring device. Take liquefied gas (natural gas) as the heat source. Turn on the ignition valve, ignite the burner, manually add cooking oil, when the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, add appropriate materials; manually pour and stir the cooking mixer to make the materials uniform in China, after the materials are processed, turn off the steam and turn off the fire, rotate the wheel hand, rotate the cooking mixer body through the worm gear and worm drive device, and pour the vegetables into a container.

Advantages of chili sauce sandwich cooking mixer
The mixer of Longze brand chili sauce has the advantages of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, fast material heating, even heating and easy to control heating temperature. This product is made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel and polished. It meets the requirements of the food hygiene law of the people's Republic of China. It has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
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