Syrup Nut Horizontal Horizontal Shaft Mixer

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Main structure and working principle of technical parameters of horizontal axis stir frying pan The top of U-shaped pan body of horizontal axis stir frying pan is vacuumized, the jacket is heated by steam, and the combined transmission of stepless speed change, worm gear and reducer increases the torque of horizontal axis stir.
The mixer made of Teflon scraper is used. In the process of material rolling and stir, the mixer and the pan body are fully contacted in all directions, ensuring no dead angle of stir.
Syrup nut horizontal horizontal shaft mixer
Reasons for selection of double twisted dragon mixing pot:
1. Material: all parts are made of 304 stainless steel and other anti-corrosion materials, meeting the requirements of food safety production;
2. Automatic temperature control, long duration of thermal effect, low cost, large heating area, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, easy control of heating speed and other advantages;
3. The pot body is stamped into U-shape at one time, frequency conversion and speed regulation, and the pot cover is hydraulically controlled, which is very convenient.
Vacuum frying can reduce the frying temperature, especially suitable for the frying of heat sensitive materials, avoid the change of color and taste caused by over heating, and maintain the original color and flavor of materials. The frying efficiency is improved, the energy consumption is reduced, and the frying time is shortened.
Application scope of double twisted dragon mixing pot:
1. It can be used as batching tank, mixing tank, blending tank, disinfection tank, aging tank, etc.
2. Widely used in food (dairy), pharmaceutical, daily chemical, beverage, oil, chemical, pigment and other industries as heating, mixing or sterilization. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized trial use in units and scientific research institutions without steam heat source. And it can adopt totally closed structure according to process requirements
It is suitable for bean paste, jam, lotus seed paste, jam, meat floss, fish bait and other food processing, solid granular materials and high viscosity materials frying and vacuum compression. It is also suitable for: hot pot bottom material, moon cake filling material, high viscosity material, New Year cake, chili sauce, canteen, donkey hide gelatin, soup making, bean paste, bean paste, sesame paste, five grain soybean milk, instant noodles seasoning, mushroom sauce and other food processing, stirring and frying.
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