Electromagnetic Heating Horizontal Mixer

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Longze deoxidation intelligent horizontal mixer
The mixing form of Longze horizontal mixer adopts stepless speed regulation, semi closed or fully closed tank body, and jacket adopts steam heating, with large heating area and high thermal efficiency.
 The agitator contacts with the pot body to scrape the wall and tumble the materials, so that there is no dead angle in the mixing. The combination transmission of stepless speed change, worm gear and reducer increases the torque of horizontal shaft mixing.
The cover opening, discharging and resetting of the boiler body are controlled by hydraulic and mechanical transmission, which is very convenient for operation. Advanced transmission and mechanical seal structure are adopted to fully isolate the transmission parts from the pot and ensure the food in the pot is clean and sanitary.
Electromagnetic heating horizontal mixer
Horizontal conditioning and mixing equipment with vacuum horizontal axis
Longze vacuum horizontal mezzanine pan is used for precooking and preparing high viscosity food materials, cooking strawberry jam and frying pan vacuum, trough shaped pot body, jacket heating (steam), worm gear reducer drive horizontal shaft mixing, frequency converter and stepless speed control mixing speed, mixer adopts polytetrafluoroethylene pulp, scraping (rolling materials) mixing, no dead angle, mechanical drive unloading and resetting. The cycloidal pin wheel planetary reducer is used to drive the pan wheel for discharging in the horizontal shaft mixer of Longze, and the pan body can be tilted to 100 degrees. Finish the material processing at one time.
Low temperature horizontal mixer with vacuum horizontal shaft
The U-shaped body, body and surface contact part of the horizontal vacuum horizontal axis mixing pot are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The strawberry jam frying pot is low temperature, easy to clean and meets the requirements of food hygiene. The material is concentrated at 80 ℃ in low temperature, with good color and original taste, so that the nutrition of the raw material will not be damaged. The material is evenly heated, with high efficiency and energy saving. When cooking strawberry jam and frying pan, the temperature is automatically controlled, and the mixing is even, and the automatic cover is turned over, and the automatic discharge reduces the labor intensity.
Negative pressure horizontal shaft low temperature horizontal shaft mixer
Easy to clean: open the upper and lower covers of the heater for cleaning). The equipment is easy to operate and covers a small area. After sales service department of Longze machinery constantly summarizes experience, improves service quality, strengthens work strength, and gradually forms a set of high-quality and complete after-sales service system. Longze machinery earnestly fulfills the main responsibility of equipment quality assurance. Contact: Manager Deng, high viscosity pulp mixer, welcome to Longze machinery!
Horizontal horizontal negative pressure mixer
This machine uses horizontal U-shaped boiler body, the jacket uses electromagnetic, heat-conducting oil, steam heating, generally 380V industrial power, each heating method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The horizontal horizontal axis mixer is suitable for the processing of bean paste, jam, jam, meat floss, bait and other food, as well as the pre cooking and preparation of high viscosity food materials such as traditional Chinese medicine. The processing capacity of this equipment is large, and it is suitable to process several hundred jin or even more materials at a time. Please make a proper choice according to your own processing technology.

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