The Advantages Of Gas Heating Industrial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine

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Chili sauce cooking mixer machine is a commonly used food equipment in hotels, and it is very popular among users because of its good equipment performance. Longze Industrial Chili Sauce cooking mixer machine Equipment Fully Automatic Infrared Silent Energy-saving cooking mixer machine The furnace body is formed between the pot body and the furnace body. There are infrared silent energy-saving burners on the furnace body and below the pot body, and the honeycomb ceramic plate of the infrared silent energy-saving burners The surface is a three-dimensional heating surface that matches the shape of the bottom of the pot body.
The automatic infrared mute energy-saving cooking mixer machine adopts infrared mute energy-saving burner as the heating device, which changes the traditional heating method without a blower, greatly reduces the physical heat loss, and makes the heated material heat up quickly. At the same time, through the infrared mute energy-saving burner The structure design of the surface of the honeycomb ceramic plate and the furnace surface effectively increases the heating area, and can play a better role of heat storage and combustion, so that the heat generated during combustion can be concentrated, reducing the surrounding heat loss and chemical heat loss Minimize, improve heat utilization rate, save gas consumption, improve product quality and work efficiency, and reduce production costs.

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Let's take a look at the advantages of the chili sauce cooking mixer machine:
1. High-efficiency and energy-saving: through experiments and industry authoritative departments, the solar term rate is as high as 40%, and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The economic benefits are very considerable.
2. Strong firepower: After repeated mixing, heat storage and diffusion, the combustion temperature reaches above 1150 degrees, the cooking is beautiful in color and fragrance, does not damage the nutrition, and at the same time meets the needs of all kinds of cooking.
3. Safety and environmental protection: Due to the full combustion, the carbon monoxide emission is only 0.03%, and the NOx content in the exhaust gas is .006%, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the staff. At the same time, the stove and pot bottom do not build up carbon, do not rust, and are clean and hygienic, providing a hardware platform for a green kitchen.
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4. The mixing method adopts a special inclined transmission, and the planetary agitator used is in full contact with the pot body. The mixing system adopts a combination of rotation and revolution, and its transmission ratio is not an integer transmission ratio to ensure that there are no blind spots for mixing in the pot. Use advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. It has fast heating, uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature
System and other advantages.
5. Hydraulic thrust makes the stirring arm flip, no disassembly and assembly of the stirrer is required, and the hydraulic thrust is used to tilt the pot body, which is easy to enter and exit the raw materials and save manpower. The use of stepless frequency conversion speed governor can mix high viscosity products evenly. Longze industrial gas chili sauce cooking mixer machine has the characteristics of easy operation, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure and convenient maintenance. It is a mixer with excellent performance.

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