Stainless Steel Industrial Steam Pressure Cooker

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Stainless steel industrial steam pressure cooker
The industrial steam pressure cooker is a basic equipment upgrade based on the basic cooking pot. According to the high pressure and tightness, a certain working pressure is generated in the pot. In a closed natural environment, the temperature can be quickly raised and the steaming time can be reduced. The cost of steaming. The industrial steam pressure cooker uses steam as the main heating source (the steam source is provided by the customer), and the design scheme has a working pressure of 3 kg. Higher working pressure can be customized. The entire equipment is made of stainless steel plate 304, which is suitable for food products. , The inner pot (inner pot) is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation and convenient operation.

Big Capacity Industrial High Pressure Vacuum Cooking Pot For Cookig Hard Bone Soup Making Candied Fruits 
Industrial steam pressure cooker can be customized according to requirements to meet different customer needs
1. Equipment features: high pressure cooking when temperature is controllable.
2. Pot body material: double-layer pot body with jacket.
3. Heating method: electric heating or steam heating or gas.
4. Cover opening method, manual bolt/flange quick opening/hydraulic automatic
5. High temperature and high pressure: design pressure 3mpa, temperature 121°
6. Specifications and models: the volume ranges from 100L to 1000L.
7. Hanging basket: 1-4 hanging baskets can be configured according to the volume. The height of the hanging basket can be customized.
8. Supporting foot form: ①Vertical pot body: triangular pyramid type, round tube type; ②Tiltable pot body: trough-shaped bracket type.
9. Equipment configuration: hanging basket filter screen, thermometer, pressure gauge, steam inlet, discharge port, etc.
10. Equipment structure: vertical/horizontal/hemisphere
When using an industrial pressure cooker as a special pressure vessel, you should pay attention to the following items:
1. Use steam pressure and not exceed the rated working pressure for a long time.
2. When entering steam, open the steam inlet valve slowly until the pressure is needed. The shut-off valve at the condensate outlet, if a trap is installed, should always be opened; if there is no trap, open the valve first until there is When the steam overflows, close the valve again, and keep the opening degree until a small amount of water vapor overflows.
3. The safety valve can be adjusted according to the pressure of the user's own steam.
4. During the use of the steam boiler, you should always pay attention to the change of steam pressure, and adjust it in time with the steam inlet valve.
5. After stopping the air intake, the straight mouth cock at the bottom of the pot should be opened, and the remaining water should be discharged.
6. Tilting and stirring cooking pots should be oiled at all rotating parts before each shift; cooked vegetable oil is recommended for the parts on the body of the stirring cooking pot; 30#--40# machinery is used everywhere else.

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