Maintenance And Maintenance Of Electric Heating Jacketed Cooking Kettle

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Maintenance and maintenance of electric heating jacketed cooking kettle
Use and maintenance of jacketed cooking mixer kettle
1) The equipment is an electric heating jacketed cooking mixer kettle. Before each shift, all transmission parts should be inspected and lubricating oil should be added to avoid dry grinding and damage to the equipment.
2) Check whether the electrical wiring is intact, whether the connection is safe and firm, whether the fuse is matched, and everything is intact before it can be powered on for heating.
3) Check the amount of heat transfer oil added before starting the machine. The amount of oil added is 8 cm below the fuel filler opening.
4). During normal use, the two oil inlets on the upper edge of the pot body can not be blocked after the oil is filled, and open for heating. The electric heating power must be turned off after daily operation.
5) Operators should not carry water during operation, and stop the operation when there is oil leakage from the outside.
6). The temperature should be strictly controlled during operation, and it should be controlled below 200 degrees under normal circumstances.
7) Each time the oil is changed, the electric heating tube should be removed first, cleaned with alkaline water, and then refueled.

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8). The heat transfer oil should be changed every 20 pots used, and the oil should be drained every month.
Finish, so as not to affect the heat conduction effect. Fill the jacket with 40℃, 2% lye and soak for 2 hours, then wash it with hot water, and then add oil.
9). Carry out maintenance after every six months, including: replacing the electric heating tube, various gaskets and electric heating tube wiring, checking the thermometer and so on.
10) This electric heating jacketed boiler is a high-energy-consuming electric equipment. In actual use, it must ensure safe operation and management, implement strictly according to regulations, and make daily operation records in order to better maintain the equipment.
11). To use the jacketed cooking mixer kettle, you must first add the solution of the material, then input the material, turn on the stirrer, and then turn on the electric heating power to reach the required temperature of the process. Turn off the electric heating power before discharging. After 2~3 minutes, turn off the stirrer. After processing, the jacketed cooking mixer kettle should be rinsed with warm water as soon as possible to brush off the sticky materials, and then use 0~50℃ alkaline water Fully clean the inner wall of the container and rinse with clean water. Especially when there is no material (heat-absorbing medium) in the pot and the pot is empty, the electric heating power must not be turned on. Pay special attention to the operating temperature, which should not exceed the rated working temperature of 200°C.
12). The jacketed cooking mixer kettle should always pay attention to the working conditions of the entire equipment and the reducer. The lubricating oil of the reducer should be replenished immediately. The electric heating rods and electrical instruments on the jacket and pot cover should be checked regularly, if any The fault should be replaced or repaired in time. When the equipment is not in use, it must be thoroughly cleaned with warm water on the inner and outer walls of the container, and the pot body should be scrubbed frequently to keep the exterior clean and the inner tank bright to achieve the purpose of durability.

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