Performance Of Tiltable Electric Heating Stirring Jacketed Kettle

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Performance of tiltable electric heating and stirring jacketed kettle
The electric heating stirring jacketed kettle is a hemispherical 304 stainless steel pot body formed by one-step stamping. The overall roundness error is small, the agitator and the pot have a high degree of adhesion, which avoids the phenomenon of pot sticking, and is easy to clean, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.
The jacketed kettle adopts electromagnetic, electric heating, heat conduction oil, gas, steam heating and other heating methods for customers to choose. The heating surface is large and the thermal efficiency is high. It is suitable for the requirements of different materials for temperature and heating speed. The mixing method adopts special scraping and mixing, and the irregular transmission ratio of the revolution and rotation of the agitator makes no dead corners in the pot. Let's take a look at the classification content of the electric heating stirring jacketed kettle:

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The electric heating and stirring jacketed kettle is turned over and discharged manually by a worm wheel and a worm, which is safe, stable and reliable.
1. The volume is divided into: 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L.
2. The structure is divided into: tiltable and vertical structure.
3. The mixing is divided into: ordinary mixing, bottom scraping mixing, planetary mixing.
4. Heating method: electric heating, steam heating, gas heating.
5. Sealing method: no cover type, flat cover type.
3. Pot body material: inner pot body stainless steel (SUS304), frame body SUS201 stainless steel.

Big Capacity Industrial Planetary Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine 
The main technical and structural properties of the electric heating jacketed kettle are as follows:
1. Pot body material: ①Inner pot body stainless steel (SUS304), jacket and bracket carbon steel (Q235-B) coated with anti-rust paint; ②The inside and outside are all stainless steel.
2. Pot with stirring device: stirring at the top, the output shaft of the reducer and the shaft of the stirring paddle are connected by a looper, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
3. Stirring speed: 36r/min (a certain speed can be selected according to customer requirements); stirring paddle form: ordinary stirring (anchor type) and bottom scraping stirring.
4. Support foot form: ①Vertical pot body: triangular pyramid type, round tube type; ②Tiltable pot body: trough-shaped bracket type.
5. Equipment configuration: dial pointer thermometer, steam inlet, discharge port, etc. (vertical structure).
6. The pot body of the tiltable jacketed kettle can be tilted 90°, and the tilting method is manual flipping.

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