Multi-flavor Ball Popcorn Production Line Equipment

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Multi-flavor spherical popcorn production line equipment
With the continuous expansion of the popcorn market, the production of popcorn may not meet the requirements of high output by relying on a single machine. Therefore, Zhongrun Machinery independently developed American spherical popcorn production line equipment according to the demand for large-scale popcorn production, and realized industrialization. The demand for mass production of popcorn, this assembly line equipment can produce popcorn in various flavors, such as: cream, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mint, cantaloupe, durian, matcha, green apple and other flavors, all with one machine manufacture complete.
The spherical popcorn production line equipment uses electromagnetic heating and gas heating as heat sources, which can reach the bursting temperature in a short time, and is non-stick, non-sticky, and non-sticky. A pot of popcorn can be produced in 3-5 minutes. The ball output rate is high, the ball is large, the sugar is evenly coated, and it can automatically feed sugar and oil. The equipment has low production cost, environmental protection and no noise, high automation, simple operation, Stable quality.
Machine For Making Popcorn,commercial size popcorn machine
Advantages of popcorn production line equipment:
1. High output: In the production process of the equipment, the temperature and time are unified, and the feeding and discharging are completed at one time.
2. Fast speed: After the whole set of equipment enters the production line, the output is several times higher than that of stand-alone operation.
3. Safety and stability: When a single machine fails, the material conveying can bypass the failed machine, which does not affect the output of the entire production line.
4. Labor saving: reform the traditional manual craftsmanship into an automated, standardized and streamlined production model.

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