American Electric Popcorn Machine Compared To Traditional Popcorn Machine Advantages

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The advantages of American electric popcorn machine compared to traditional popcorn machine
The material mixing of the electric popcorn machine adopts variable frequency speed control power, fully automatic mixing, and provides stable mixing speed to make the quality of popcorn stable, the running speed can be adjusted, the mixing blade and the scraper structure are unique, and the mixing blade of the mixing blade is adopted High-strength PTFE material, temperature resistance up to 280C°.
The advantages of American electric popcorn machine compared to traditional popcorn machine 
The American electric popcorn machine uses a planetary mixer (a combination of revolution and autobiography) to fully contact the pot. The rotation ratio is not an integer rotation ratio. The cutting edge adopts a spring type and the cutting bottom adopts a self-weight type, which can ensure that there are no blind spots in the pot, the material is stirred and mixed more uniformly, there is no dead corner, the bottom scraping is more thorough, and it is not easy to cause the pot phenomenon , It can effectively ensure the popcorn's forming rate, avoid the uneven color of the popcorn and affect the taste.
1. Fast automatic discharge. One-button start to automatically and quickly discharge the material, to ensure that the heating is not too long, and to ensure the color and fragrance of the popcorn.
2. Safe and secure. Food grade 304# stainless steel helps food popcorn factories to pass inspection and certification easily.
3. Comfortable working environment. There is no open flame, and the working environment of workers is comfortable; the electric popcorn machine only heats the bottom of the pot, and other parts will not cause burns to the operator, and the safety is guaranteed.
4. Intelligent microcomputer control. 9 levels of subdivision firepower adjustment! Fast heating and cooling speed, temperature control, time control assistance, easy to achieve standardization.
The advantages of American electric popcorn machine compared to traditional popcorn machine 
5. Short burst time. The advanced electromagnetic induction heating technology of the American electric popcorn machine combined with the 11mm super thick composite pot, the heating is even and fast, so that the corn bursts instantly and shortens the frying time. (Non-traditional heating method, the pot itself heats up, which can rise more than 300 degrees in a few seconds).
6. The stirring speed is adjustable. Compared with the traditional popcorn machine, the electric popcorn machine adopts advanced stepless frequency conversion speed control, which can mix multiple flavor materials such as corn and syrup evenly.
7. Heating and stirring evenly without dead ends. Adopting a unique planetary mixing structure and a combination of rotation and revolution, the materials are evenly heated, not sticking to the pan, and not sticking to the bottom; the stirring is uniform; there are no dead ends and blind spots.
8. The firepower is shut down immediately. The thermal inertia is not large, and the heating will be stopped when the heat is turned off; energy-saving, easy to operate the electric popcorn machine!
Based on expert suggestions from many food manufacturers, the American-style electric popcorn machine adopts a SUS304 stainless steel head formed by one-time spin-forming by a Japanese-owned enterprise, Yixing Beihai Head Factory, to ensure the smoothness of the pot and effectively prevent the pot from sticking. phenomenon.

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