Fried Rice Auto Cooking Mixer Machine/Fried Rice Jacketed Kettle

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fried rice jacketed kettle, fried rice cooking mixer machine
Fried Rice Cooking Mixer Machine is automatic cooking equipment with planetary stirring and automatic discharging functions. Fried rice cooking mixer machine mainly consists of a heating system, a stirring system, a pot body, a frame, etc.
fried rice jacketed kettle, fried rice cooking mixer machine
This fried rice cooking mixer machine equipment is the ideal cooker for all types of sauces, Bolognaise, bechamel, paste, etc.The fried rice jacketed kettle hemispherical bottom and automatic planetary mixing system ensure perfect mixing of the materials during cooking.
● Mixing speed: adjustable
● Heating temperature: adjustable
● Customization: acceptable
● Volume: 100-600 Liters
● Machine material: SUS304
● Heat sources: gas, electric, electromagnetism etc
● Discharging method: automatically or manually
fried rice jacketed kettle, fried rice cooking mixer machine
● How long is the warranty?
ONE YEAR.  In the warranty period, we offer free maintenance or replacement (spare parts) of all quality problems under normal conditions of use. Out of the warranty period, we will offer free online supports and non-free spare parts.
● Can the machine be fully automatic?
Yes, using the PLC system, the cooking mxier machine can realize a fully automatic process.
● Can the machine be customized?
Yes, customization is acceptable, such as lid, mixer, frame, wheels, etc.
● How long is the lead time?
25 working days. It depends on the order quantity.
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