Tilting Chestnut Fillings Cooking Mixer Machine With Fully Automatic Stirring

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Commercial fully automatic tilting chestnut fillings cooking mixer machine
Performance of tiltable fillings cooking mixer machine:
1. Volume: 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 800L.
2. Structure: It can be divided into tilting and vertical structures, with and without mixing according to process requirements.
3. Pot body material:
①The inner pot body is stainless steel (SUS304), the jacket and the bracket are carbon steel (Q235-B) coated with anti-rust paint;
②All stainless steel inside and outside.
4. Pot body with stirring device: the top zhongxin stirs, the output shaft of the reducer and the stirring paddle shaft are connected by a looper, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
5. Stirring speed: 36r/min (a certain speed can be selected according to customer requirements); stirring paddle form: ordinary stirring (anchor type) and bottom scraping stirring.
6. The foot form of stationary electric fillings processing equipment: ①Vertical pot body: triangular pyramid type, round tube type; ②Tiltable pot body: trough-shaped bracket type.
7. Equipment configuration: dial pointer thermometer, steam inlet, discharge port, etc. (vertical structure).
8. Large-scale fillings cooking mixer processing equipment. Tilting cooking pot can be tilted up to 90°, and the tilting method is manual turning.
Note: This cooking mixer machine product can be customized according to customer needs:
Chestnuts are also known as chestnuts, large oil fruits and so on. Chestnut is a kind of nut with high starch content. Chestnut is rich in nutrients, has a fine powder, and is sweet and glutinous in cooked food. It is deeply loved by people. Chestnut has the effects of nourishing the stomach, invigorating the spleen, invigorating the kidney, strengthening the muscles, and promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.
 Gas Fired Commercial Food Cooking Mixer Machine 200l Capacity Price With Stirring
1. Pour the whipped chestnut puree into a Longze brand fillings cooking mixer machine, heat it over a medium-to-low heat, and continue to fry. (If the chestnuts are thin, fry them longer, if they are dry, fry them less.)
2. When the water content is reduced and the viscosity is reduced, add sugar to the fillings pan and stir evenly.
3. Then add butter to the planetary stirring pan until it is completely melted and absorbed.
4. Turn off the heat and let cool the chestnut fillings and it's ready.
5. Clean the chestnuts you bought, and cut the cross-hatch with a little pointed scissors.
6. Put the chopped chestnuts into the pot and cook for 2 minutes, remove the chestnuts from the cut when they are hot and peel off the chestnut skins. If the skins are completely cold, they will not be easy to peel.
7. Put the peeled chestnut meat back into the pot, add water that has not been covered by the chestnuts, and cook the chestnuts over the heat.
8. The food cooking mixer boiled chestnuts are beaten into a fine chestnut puree after the water is slightly cooled.

chili sauce cooking mixer
Pot volume / pot diameter / pot thickness / stirring form / lifting arm / turning pot form / size (length * width * height) / mm / energy consumption / heating method
100L 800mm inner 4 outer 3 planet/bottom scraper automatic/hydraulic 1650*1200*1550 18kw/1 hour electric heating heat transfer oil.
200L 900mm inner 4 outer 3 planet/bottom scraping automatic/hydraulic 1900*1550*1680 18kw/1 hour electric heating heat transfer oil.
300L 1000mm inner 4 outer 3 planet/bottom scraping automatic/hydraulic 2000*1600*1680 27kw/1 hour electric heating heat transfer oil.
400L 1100mm inner 5 outer 3 planet/bottom scraping automatic/hydraulic 2100*1650*1700 27kw/1 hour electric heating heat transfer oil.
500L 1200mm inner 5 outer 3 planet/bottom scraping automatic/hydraulic 2200*1700*1750 36kw/1 hour electric heating heat transfer oil.

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