This Caramelizer Popcorn Machine For Batch After Batch Of Top-making Popcorn Products

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This Caramelizer popcorn machine  for batch after batch of top-making popcorn products
This Caramelizer popcorn machine can make the caramel popcorn, which is a space-saving, money making machine for batch after batch of top-selling products. Try this for retail locations, cinemas and gourmet popcorn shops.
The best popcorn machine automatic operation with buttons.
Equipped with large mixing baffles to improve the coating process and efficiency, providing a well coated product.
Equipped with an adjustable digital display and control for precise temperature settings and measuring actual product temperature.
Adjustable rotate speed for stirring.
Safety assured to avoid any burning.
Less noise pollution during the operation.
All electrical component is certificated and listed.
Automatic Popcorn Machine Commercial Intelligent Large Pop Corn Machine Price
This commercial popcorn machines can provide a well coated popcorn product. With large mixing baffles, it can improve the coating process and efficiency. An adjustable digital display and control is designed for precise temperature settings and measures actual product temperature. An audible alarm indicates when temperature is reached. This seasoning popcorn machine is a space-saving, money popcorn making machine for batch after batch of top-selling products. Ideal for convenience stores, grocery stores, cinemas and retail locations.
This popcorn making machine equipment combines a popper with a small kettle corn caramelizer, which is practical design, saving time, reducing cost and high efficiency.
Longze brand ball shape popcorn coating machine 
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