Commercial Industrial Popcorn Machines Types And Maintenance

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Popcorn is an ever-changing delicacy in cinemas and theme parks. It is deeply loved by movie lovers. You can smell the aroma of coconut oil and caramel when you walk into the cinema. We won’t say more about the history of popcorn. Nowadays, the development of popcorn is becoming more and more huge. As the non-staple food industry of movie theaters, it brings 60% of movie theater profits. It has to be said that popcorn is a miracle of the movie industry. Nowadays, from the old cannon popcorn machine to the current electric popcorn machine, The gas popcorn machine came into our side, here we talk about the types and models of commonly used popcorn making machines.
Popcorn machines are divided into gas popcorn machines and electric popcorn machines according to the heating method. As the name suggests, gas popcorn machines use gas to heat the machine. Electric uses electromagnetic heating. The output of electric popcorn machines is larger than that of gas popcorn machines. Gas popcorn machines have the advantages of low cost and low price.
The popcorn is made of imported high-quality corn corn, pure natural, green and no additives to ensure that the popcorn is crispy and delicious. It is rich in dietary fiber and trace elements. It is a rare healthy food. Natural coconut oil Coconut oil is squeezed from the pulp of the coconut tree. Extracted, clear and pure in liquid form, it is known as healthy edible oil. Choose the natural raw materials imported from the United States to make oil, use peace of mind, and eat with confidence. Imported white sugar and caramel. We choose high-quality imported white and caramel from the United States. High-quality green sugar cane white sugar, rich in glucose and fructose, a variety of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins and other ingredients. Compared with other low-quality corn, popcorn popped with high-quality ball shape corn tastes better and safer, and the effect of using a suitable popcorn machine is better.
Automatic Popcorn Machine Commercial Intelligent Large Pop Corn Machine Price

Types and maintenance of industrial popcorn machines
Popcorn is the most popular product in movie theaters, but because of the long working hours of popcorn machines, how should we maintain the popcorn machines?
Although the operation of the popcorn machine is very simple, the employees are not standardized during the operation. The machine needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Many movie theaters always have popcorn machine equipment failure during the peak sales season, which has an impact on the movie theater industry. It can be seen that the popcorn machine Maintenance and cleaning are very important.
Popcorn machine model
There are many types of popcorn machines:
In terms of size, there are 100L gas popcorn machine, 100L electromagnetic popcorn machine, 200L electromagnetic popcorn machine
In terms of energy, it should be divided into gas popcorn machine and electric popcorn machine.
From the perspective of the development of popcorn machines, it is divided into old popcorn machines and new ball shape popcorn machines, but the old popcorn machines are gradually replaced by new ball shape popcorn machines.
Longze brand ball shape popcorn coating machine 
Popcorn machine cleaning method:
Clean industrial popcorn machine:
When the popcorn machine is not in use, add about 1/3 pot or 2000ml of water, then turn on the heating switch and the stirring switch, and the other switches are kept closed. The lid has been kept open during the entire cleaning process ( Prevent the water from boiling out of the pot after heating). When cleaning the pot, wipe the inner wall of the popcorn machine with a towel. Do not use hard cleaning tools on the inner wall of the pot to avoid damage to the inner wall of the pot.
The cleanliness of the Industrial popcorn machine determines the service life of the equipment and the quality of the products, so the daily cleaning work should be strictly observed.

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