Industrial Commercial Popcorn Making Machine Make Popcorn Method

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How to make popcorn with smart commercial popcorn machine:
1. Pour the oil and sugar into a commercial popcorn machine and heat, stirring constantly.
2. Add popcorn corn and keep stirring.
3. After seeing a small amount of corn popping, close the lid of the popcorn machine and wait for the popcorn to be finished.
4. When you hear the popcorn sound in the machine slow down, you can turn the pot automatically when there is no sound.
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Popcorn machine operation method
Although the models of popcorn machines are quite different, the operation methods are basically the same.
Let's take the electric popcorn machine as an example to explain it in detail.
How to use the electric popcorn machine:
The first step: first plug in the power of the popcorn machine, turn on the heating switch, and press the rotary switch. Wait for about 3 minutes to warm up, then turn off all the switches and pour the popcorn oil.
Step 2: Turn on all the function switches (heating switch, rotary switch), then add popcorn special oil, popcorn special corn, and put about 50 grams of popcorn special sugar.
Step 3: The operator should pay attention to the popcorn situation. If the popping sound becomes smaller and the popcorn pops out in large quantities, immediately turn off the heating switch, continue to rotate for 3 to 5 seconds, and pour it out immediately.
Step 4: After the popcorn machine is stopped, keep the machine tidy and clean and then turn off all function switches and power supplies.

Industrial commercial popcorn machine 100L making popcorn method
Nowadays, in street shops or movie theaters, there are many flavors and varieties of popcorn in barrels.
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How to make ball shape popcorn by popcorn machine:
2. First turn on the heating button of the popcorn machine to preheat.
1. Pour popcorn oil into the bottom of an industrial popcorn machine.
3. Add sugar and oil after the oil temperature rises.
4. The stirring arm of the popcorn machine continues to stir.
5. When the corn popping sound is reduced, turn off the heating and turn the pot.
1. When making spherical popcorn, set the predetermined temperature to prevent scorching.
2. Prevent oil from splashing to the side of the pot and burning when heated.
Longze brand ball shape popcorn coating machine
Longze brand 100L industrial popcorn machine makes delicious, healthy and natural popcorn. We combine three kinds of popcorn raw materials of international quality with machinery and equipment to create popcorn that tastes good and delicious in the world because of our insistence. use:
1. Pure vegetable extract coconut oil
2. Yellow popcorn with natural beta carotene
3. Low cholesterol, low calorie, vegetarians can be used, zero burden on health has been imitated and never surpassed

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