The Grapefruit Sauce Cooking Mixer Turns Grapefruit Into A Treasure

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Walking into supermarkets and fruit shops, you can see grapefruits everywhere. All the parts of grapefruit are treasures. After deep processing, grapefruit can be turned into a product from peel to pulp. This improves the comprehensive utilization ratio of grapefruit. After the comprehensive exploitation of the fruit, the economic benefits are expected to increase by 4 times. Grapefruit still has a huge potential to be exploited.
electromagnetic cooking mixer used to cook different kinds of jams
Grapefruit is also called Wendan, Xiangluan, Zhuluan, Hugan, etc. It is native to Southeast Asia, but it has been cultivated in China for more than 3,000 years. Grapefruit in China is mainly grown in the south, and there are many varieties in Zhejiang, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces. As the saying goes, "Grapefruit is better than meat in winter." It’s pulp is fragrant and it tastes sweet and sour. Furthermore, grapefruit contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is deeply loved by everyone especially dietary structure has been upgraded nowadays.
In fact, the whole grapefruit can be exploited.  Separating the peel, pulp, and seeds and having the pulp, then squeezing them, it will reduce unnecessary waste. In addition, grapefruit pulp can be made into grapefruit jam.
universal commerical cooking mixer
The grapefruit jam cooking mixer uses steam heating, liquefied gas heating, natural gas heating and other heating methods. The stirring method adopts a special inclined planetary transmission. The agitator used fully touches the pot body. Complete non-integer ratio of the transmission revolution and rotation ensures that there is no dead corner  in the pot while stirring and the material is evenly stirred without sticking to the pan. The scraper employs the spring-loaded type, and the bottom scraping uses the gravity type, so that the pot body and the stirring blade are in close contact. The power employs the Japanese inorganic governor. The separation of turbine and the reducer, and the non-integer transmission ratio of the revolution and rotation of the transmission part ensures that there is no dead angle in the the pot. The use of advanced transmission and sealing structure keeps the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. This machine adopts hydraulic turning arm, turning the pot and discharging, so it saves manpower and time. In a word, it is an excellent food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing machine.

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