Operation Specification For Electric Heating Filling Jcketed Cooking Mixers Kettle

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Operation specification for electric heating filling jcketed cooking mixers kettle
1. Preparation before booting
Check the use records of the electric heating fillings jcketed cooking mixers kettle equipment, understand the operation of the equipment, and confirm that the equipment can operate normally.
Check the cleanliness of the equipment and perform necessary cleaning.
Add oil to each rotating part before use, and check whether the heating rod is damaged.
Check that the filling jcketed cooking mixers kettle must be filled with thermal oil 4/5 until it is full. Block the oil outlet before refueling. The amount of oil should be 4~5cm below the overflow port, and then use a valve to seal one side of the overflow port before heating. , The other side first connects a pipe for diversion and heating, the excess heat-conducting oil may flow out into a barrel, and it can be sealed with a valve after 4 to 5 times.

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2. Boot
Turn on the main power of the machine and turn on the switch.
Pay attention to the temperature change of the heat-conducting oil, usually the heat-conducting oil should not exceed 150°C.
Adjust the temperature in due course and pay attention to it. When working above 150℃, pay attention to oil temperature and pressure changes and take other safety measures.
After the filling jcketed cooking mixers kettle heats the material to the required temperature, the material is discharged from the bottom of the pot. When discharging, first open the lid of the pot, and then turn the hand wheel to tilt the bottom of the pot so that the material is discharged from the discharge port.
After use, the power should be cut off first, and tap water should be added to the pot immediately to protect the heating rod part and prolong the service life.
Fill in the equipment use records accurately and carefully as required, and keep the filling jacketed pot equipment clean and environmentally hygienic at all times during production.

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Three, daily maintenance and maintenance
The oil inlet and outlet pipe joints of the electric heating jcketed kettle are leaking oil. When tightening the nut does not solve the problem, add or replace the packing.
The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, and if there is any malfunction, they should be adjusted or repaired in time.
After the reducer is used for 50 hours, it should be disassembled to drain the lubricating oil, cleaned with kerosene or diesel oil, and 30#-40# clean oil is added. After 150 hours of use, the oil is changed for the second time. Change the oil every hour.

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