Sauce Cooking Mixer Manufacturer/Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Popcorn machine

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Features Of Sauce Cooking Mixer

Longze sauce cooking mixer can be selected from a variety of heating methods: high-pressure steam, electrically heated heat-conducting oil, electromagnetic, natural gas, and liquefied gas, which can be selected according to the company's existing resources and combined with equipment and technology.

The equipment has a high safety factor, and is equipped with phase loss protection and program interlocking functions, ensuring the operation sequence, maintaining the equipment, and ensuring the safety of the operators.No paste pot, unique mixing device, can cover every corner of the pot body, so that the material does not paste the pot.Automatic temperature measurement:

The temperature control head is in contact with the material to directly measure the temperature of the material, and the temperature measurement is accurate.Fully automatic control, only need to manually press the button, greatly reducing labor intensity.


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