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Longze brand automatic cooking machine uses advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. Using frequency conversion speed control power, the operation is more stable.
Heating system of automatic cooking machine:
Various heating forms such as steam (jacket heating (steam)), gas, electric heating, thermal oil, electromagnetic heating, etc. are available for customers to choose from.
Steam: Natural wind heating or blower heating, flame size is adjustable. The temperature rises quickly, the temperature is high, and the surface of the pot can reach hundreds of degrees, so that the material can be thoroughly fried through the Maillard reaction. It has full combustion, high thermal efficiency and even heating of the pot body. Compared with similar products, it can save energy by 40%. The burner is annular and surrounds the bottom of the pot. It can be heated by coal gas, liquefied gas and natural gas.
Automatic Cooking Machine With Stirring_Food Cooking Mixer Machine Manufacturer 
Electric heating heat transfer oil: It has a large heating area, controllable temperature and uniform heating.
Gas: Gas is easy to use and has a fast heating speed. It can meet the high temperature requirements of some products and is not limited by factory voltage.
Electromagnetic: fast heating, can take into account the color and fragrance of the product, 20% energy saving than similar products, environmental protection and pollution-free.
Features of automatic cooking machine:
The pot body of this automatic cooking machine is a hemispherical stainless steel pot body formed by one-step stamping. It adopts steam, gas, heat transfer oil, electromagnetic and other heating methods. The stirring method adopts a special tilt transmission to make the planetary stirrer fully contact the pot body to achieve The non-integer transmission ratio of the revolution and rotation of the transmission, so that there is no dead corner of stirring in the pot.
Automatic Cooking Machine With Stirring_Food Cooking Mixer Machine Manufacturer 
Product advantages of automatic cooking machine:
1) The stirring blade is made of imported polytetrafluoroethylene, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, meets the requirements of food production, and is especially suitable for the food field.
2) 100L to 600L volume is optional, single processing capacity: meat: 40-60kg; vegetable and leaf: 20-40kg. Large processing volume and high degree of automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of chefs and effectively improve the work efficiency of the central kitchen.
3) When using the fully automatic cooking machine, one person can even operate more than two equipment at the same time. During the operation, there is no need for the operator to use a large shovel to continuously stir fry, pour materials, and cook the pot. All the manpower is done by the equipment. Significantly reduce the labor intensity and labor density of the personnel, and the production of the employees is more relaxed, comfortable and comfortable. Companies can also reduce labor costs.
4) With strong firepower and rapid heating, it can meet the cooking mixer machine requirements of most dishes. Microcomputer precise temperature control, dual temperature monitoring of the bottom of the pot and the temperature of the dishes, to achieve standardized automatic cooking.
5) Stir evenly, without dead ends, and the speed can be controlled manually or set by program. Automatic stirring reduces manual operation, improves the uniformity of frying, and improves the quality of dishes.
6) The pot body is formed by one-step punching of 304 stainless steel plate, the whole pot body is hemispherical, and there is no dead corner when stirring; the heating is even, and the pot is not stuck. The pot body is wear-resistant and chemical-resistant, and the stainless steel material is clean and hygienic, which is easy to clean.

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