The Difference Between Steam Jacketed Kettle And Electric Heat Conduction Oil Jacketed Kettle

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Which one is better for steam jacketed kettle or electric heat conduction oil jacketed kettle?
The fully automatic planetary jacketed kettle produced by Longze Machinery is mainly composed of a pot body, a frame body, a stirring system, a heating system, a speed-regulating transmission device, a stirring shaft, a pot body turning system, etc. The pot body of a food jacketed kettle is formed by one-time stamping. The hemispherical stainless steel pot body (the only number can be queried), the overall roundness error is small, the agitator and the pot body are closely attached to avoid the phenomenon of pot sticking.
The Difference Between Steam Jacketed Kettle And Electric Heat Conduction Oil Jacketed Kettle 
Steam jacketed kettle performance
1. There is a floating scraper on the frame agitator. The scraper is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. The scraper is affected by gravity and the resistance of the material during operation to ensure that the scraper is close to the pot wall. The lifting auger rotates in the opposite direction relative to the scraper, and the auger blade lifts the sauce upwards to make the sauce evenly mixed. The auxiliary support of the auger shaft is set at the bottom of the pot to ensure the smooth rotation of the auger shaft.
2. The pipe plug mechanism adopts an automatic discharge device, and the valve head is moved up and down through an electric push rod to close and open the material port. The middle part of the lifting tube is a temperature measuring device, which can accurately reflect the temperature of the sauce in the pot. The temperature value is digitally displayed on the control cabinet. The upper limit of the sauce temperature is set according to the needs of different materials and production processes. When the temperature in the pot reaches the upper limit of temperature, control The system automatically alarms to adjust the heat transfer to ensure the quality of the sauce.
3. The steam jacketed kettle heats up quickly, the temperature is high, the pressure is 0.8Mpa, and the temperature can reach 170 degrees.
4. The pot body of the steam jacketed kettle is a jacket structure to ensure even heat transfer of the pot body. At the same time, it is equipped with a pot cover to ensure the hygienic process of sauce speculation. The pot cover is equipped with a fuel filler port to realize automatic fueling.
5. The bidirectional speed reduction mechanism is a special power mechanism, which is characterized by concentric dual output shafts, and the rotation direction of the dual shafts is opposite. The main power is an integrated motor reducer with compact structure and stable operation.
6. Control cabinet: It is equipped with motor, power indicator, instantaneous temperature display of sauce in the pot, achieving automation of other operations except solid material feeding.
The Difference Between Steam Jacketed Kettle And Electric Heat Conduction Oil Jacketed Kettle 
Design concept of thermal oil jacketed kettle:
Safe, concise and practical
Heating method of thermal oil jacketed kettle:
Electric heating heat conduction oil heating. The temperature rises quickly and the temperature is high, and the surface of the pot can reach more than 200 degrees, so that the material can be evenly fryed through the turning plate.
Stirring method of thermal oil jacketed kettle:
The speed of the agitator can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and it can realize stepless speed regulation within 0-26rpm. The scraper adopts the method of revolution and rotation. The structure of the agitator and the scraper is unique. The material is stirred and mixed more uniformly, and the bottom scraping is more thorough, and it is not easy to produce Stuffed pot phenomenon.
The jacketed kettle is a food mixing equipment designed and developed for high-viscosity mixing, cooking and frying. It is derived from ordinary mixing. The highlight is one-button operation, liberating manpower, and planetary mixing design, which can be effective Avoid sticking to the pot with high viscosity materials.

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