Gas Popcorn Machine Price_Chocolate Popcorn Machine Manufacturer

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Gas Popcorn Machine Manufacturer_Chocolate Popcorn Machine Price
The ball shape popcorn machine is a gas popcorn machine. This product uses liquefied gas as the heat source. The heating area of the equipment is large, the thermal efficiency is high, the material heats up quickly, and the bursting temperature can be reached in a short time.
Gas ball popcorn machine equipment has the advantages of uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature.
Gas Popcorn Machine Manufacturer_Chocolate Popcorn Machine Price 
Advantages of gas-heated ball shape popcorn machine equipment:
1. The popcorn machine equipment can be made into three-phase 380V industrial electricity and two-phase 220V civilian electricity according to the voltage required by customers, providing protection for large companies and individual entrepreneurs.
2. The maximum dimensions of Longze brand ball shape popcorn machine equipment are: length 1800mmx width 1240mmx height 2100mm. The weight of the equipment is 300kg.
3. The maximum output of chocolate ball shape popcorn machine equipment can reach 10 kg each time, and each time it takes 5 to 7 minutes, the cost of liquefied gas per pot is 5 RMB.
4. The power of the equipment is 1.75kw. The key component reducer adopts the joint venture brand, which runs smoothly without noise. The equipment is guaranteed by a ball shape popcorn machine.
5. The ball shape popcorn machine equipment is made of food-grade plate s30408. The heating adopts a high-efficiency gas stove, which heats up quickly, and can reach the temperature of popping popcorn instantly, and the product has a high ball rate.
6. The gas-heated ball shape popcorn machine equipment is made of imported heads, and the elastic stirring gear device is equipped with a transmission device that combines autobiography and revolution, so that the popcorn machine equipment can stir evenly when making popcorn. There is a pot-sticking phenomenon, and the product color, taste, and taste are consistent.
7. The hydraulic automatic operation makes the equipment of the chocolate popcorn machine more humanized and greatly improves the production efficiency.
8. Because gas heating will lose a lot of heat, in order to solve this phenomenon, the gas popcorn machine equipment produced by Longze Machinery is made of special refractory cement and refractory sand, which plays a role of energy saving and heat preservation.
9. The diameter of the product pot mouth is φ700mm hemisphere and the thickness is δ4mm. The upper side of the product is reinforced with flanges during production, so that the equipment is durable and will not shake and deform due to high temperature and mixing.
Gas Popcorn Machine Manufacturer_Chocolate Popcorn Machine Price 
Longze brand gas popcorn machine uses advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. Using frequency conversion speed control power, the operation is more stable.
It adopts hydraulic lifting, turning the pot and transporting materials, without disassembly and assembly of agitators, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity. It is a popcorn processing equipment with excellent performance.
Taiwan's fierce gas stove can quickly heat up, burst in a short time, and increase production. The chocolate ball shape popcorn machine replaces manual workshop-style production with automated equipment, which increases the yield and reduces production costs.
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