Caramel Popcorn Machine Automatic Gas Popcorn Mixer Machine Flavoured Popcorn Machine for Sale

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Caramel Popcorn Machine Automatic Gas Popcorn Mixer Machine 
Flavoured Popcorn Machine for Sale 
New Fully Automatic Gas Popcorn Machine Popcorn Mixer Equipment With Low Price
1)Our caramel popcorn machine for popcorn is a professional mechanical design.Provide a stable product quality and the stirring speed to make stable,suitable for processing more sophisticated products. 
2)Combines the advantages of hydraulic models, popcorn machine for popcorn eliminating the dismantling and moving the pot stirrer inconvenience simply reclaiming operation to complete the action, especially for the whole
factory Flavoured Popcorn Machine production line equipment used to reduce the manpower to operate and improve work efficiency. 
3) All stainless steel body design, the Flavoured Popcorn Machine pot body is improved and the 90 degree flip discharge,easy to clean. 
4) With the special heating part, Automatic Gas Popcorn Mixer Machine improves the capacity a lot. The popcorn can remain fresh and crisp for a longer time than ever before. 
5) Most popular popcorn machine in china.
Longze brand ball shape popcorn coating machine
Automatic Control Panel 
automatically control heating power, heating time, agitation speed, mixing arm lifting, popcorn discharging, etc. Control buttons with waterproof press buttons.
Cooking Burner 
This cooking burner with greatest efficiency and less consumption ,2kg liquefied gas per hour .Strong flame can reach goal temperature within short time.
Planetary Mixing 
Planetary mixing system ensures thorough mixing and heating for 100% popping, which also avoids over burnt or deposit on the potsurface. Durable thick Tef-lon scrapers, anti high temperature, anti-corrosion, lasting for longer time.
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With high-quality machine and good services, Caramel popcorn machine for popcorn has gained many  regular customers. Order  equipment in batches every time, and we will also give wholesale prices to achieve a win-win situation.

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