Industrial Electromagnetic Cooking Jacketed Kettle And Food Cooking Mixer Working Principle

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Working principle of industrial electromagnetic jacketed kettle and food cooking mixer
 The inner pot body (inner pot) of the jacketed kettle is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel, equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve, with beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
The working principle of the jacketed kettle: the fixed type is mainly composed of a pot body and supporting feet; the tiltable type is mainly composed of a pot body and a tilting rack; the stirring type is mainly composed of a pot body and a stirring device. The jacketed boiler uses a certain pressure of steam as the heat source, and electric heating can also be used. The jacketed boiler has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, and easy control of heating temperature.
Stainless Steel Industrial Cooking Jacketed Kettle For Making Sauce/Jam/Paste/Soup/Congee
The jacketed pans produced by the manufacturer include steam jacketed kettle, gas jacketed kettle, electric heating jacketed kettle, planetary jacketed kettle, popcorn machines, etc.
The volume of the jacketed kettle is mainly 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L.

The upper end of the industrial food jacketed kettle is designed with a splash and overflow prevention structure, and is equipped with a diversion groove, which is easy to set and clean. The heating adopts a unique honeycomb jacket design, which increases the heating area and has high thermal efficiency. The pot body of the tiltable sauce sandwich pot can be turned over at 180 degrees, which is convenient for discharging and cleaning, and improves work efficiency. Users can customize suitable jacketed kettles according to their own needs。
100 Liter Steam Cooking Jacketed Kettle/Stainless Steel Soup Cooking Mixer Machine 
Longze electric heating and stirring jacketed kettle has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, and no need for steam heating. Use electric heating to stir the jacketed kettle, the temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the food, and the temperature can be set to 260 degrees. The time can also be adjusted according to food needs to fully realize automatic production. The bottom scraping mixing system runs at 21 revolutions per minute, which completely realizes mixing without dead corners and no sticking to the bottom of the pot, which greatly saves manpower. The equipment has a large heating area and uniform heating. It has a thermal insulation system and is very convenient for continuous work and energy saving. It can be tilted 90 degrees for easy discharging and cleaning. The places in contact with food are made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable, and will not rust. It is a good food processing equipment.

The functional characteristics of the jacketed kettle: The jacketed kettle equipment is all stainless steel structure, and the whole is closed without dead corners. Large capacity, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning, strong and durable. The inner and outer pots are molded from thick 304 stainless steel plates, with long service life and no deformation under pressure. The body of the food cooking mixer adopts a double-layer insulation structure, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe to operate, scald-proof, and a comfortable environment.
Nougat Candy Jacketed Kettle With Stirrer 
Let's take a look at the working principle of gas jacketed pan, steam jacketed pan, and electric heating jacketed pan.
The working principle of the gas jacketed kettle is: first turn on the gas valve of the jacketed kettle, ignite the gas, and manually add the cooking oil to the pot. When the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, add an appropriate amount of materials, manually turn the pot and stir, so that the materials are in the pot. Heat evenly (the principle of using a household cooking mixer is the same). After the material is processed, turn off the gas and turn off the flame, move the handle, and install it through the worm wheel and worm to make the worm rotate and tilt, and then pour the material into another container. Then the material is processed.

Jam Cooking Jacketed Kettle Price/Cooking Mixer Machine With High Quality
The working principle of the electric heating jacketed kettle is: the electric heating jacketed kettle uses electric heating as the heat source, and the electric heating jacketed kettle uses the heat-conducting oil as the medium. When working, the material is transported from the inlet to the pot, and the jacket at the bottom of the pot body The electric heating rod stops heating the heat-conducting oil in the jacket, so that the material in the pot heats up rapidly in a short time. The electric heating jacketed kettle heating the predetermined temperature saves more time than steam heating. The electric heating jacket does not need to accept pressure during operation, so the heating time is short. The electric heating jacketed kettle has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short heating time and easy temperature control.
The working principle of the steam jacketed kettle: The pot body of the steam jacketed kettle is a double-layer structure formed by a spherical pot body on the outside and the inside. The jacket in the middle is heated by steaming the material. The steam jacketed boiler uses steam with a certain pressure as the heat source. When working, open the air inlet ball valve to ventilate and heat, and when the material is heated, close the air inlet ball valve. The steam jacketed boiler has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency and uniform heating. The liquid material has the characteristics of short boiling time and easy control of the heating temperature.

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