The Chili Sauce Heating And Mixing Processing Equipment

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What are the points to pay attention to when operating the chili sauce heating and mixing processing equipment?

A variety of interlocking protection, leakage protection, system over-temperature protection and pot body over-temperature protection and other safety devices ensure that the control box, motor, and mechanical components are effectively linked, and there will be no malfunctions, and the machine will not appear due to human errors. Damaged, protect the factory's chili sauce stirring cooking mixer is always in an orderly working state, so that users can be at ease, manufacturers can rest assured, and the amount is greatly reduced. Precautions for the electromagnetic chili sauce wok It is recommended to use a standard copper core power cord above 6 mm.
Steam Planetary Cooking Mixer Machine
Points to note when operating the planetary stirring cooking mixer
The heating power of the chili sauce heating and stirring cooking mixer is 60kw, which can be adjusted steplessly. Temperature control: Directly connected temperature measuring device is adopted. The temperature measuring rod is in direct contact with the material to directly measure the temperature of the material with high accuracy; the temperature measuring rod is equipped with a sheath to better protect the temperature measuring rod, which is durable, stable and reliable. Chili Sauce Planetary Stirring cooking mixer machine Stirring method: adopts revolution and double rotation stirring method, 6 stirring devices are divided into three groups, two sets of rotation and one set of revolutions, and a stirring hand is installed on the rotation stirring rod, which can better stir and mix Effect: The mixing of materials is more uniform; the scraping pan is more thorough, which can effectively control the problem of pot sticking of certain materials.

The manual mode is suitable for the initial test phase of the hot-pepper sauce heating and stirring cooking mixer machine, inching operation, intelligent protection, avoiding impact; automatic operation mode is the main working method, when this method is selected, the computer will direct the various parts of the cooking mixer machine to work together. The heating and mixing processing equipment continuously completes the movements of the mixing arm up and down, out of the pot, homing, mixing, adding and subtracting temperature, etc., without manual operation, which not only avoids the long manual operation time, and is prone to dizziness and production errors , And improved production efficiency, with multiple goals in one fell swoop.
Greatly improve the product quality, make the quality of each pan fried product uniform and stable, all parameters are conveniently input by the PLC touch screen, and 5 sets of process parameters can be stored in advance, and only the relevant process parameters need to be called when changing the material variety. The equipment has two working modes: manual and automatic.
Steam Heated Manual Jacketed Kettle Cooking Mixer For Blueberry Jam Price
The color of the fried chili sauce changes from reddish brown to brown, from semi-fluid to paste, stop heating, remove excess frying oil on the surface, add concentrated meat, bone broth, minced meat, salt, and white sugar in sequence And other spices. First boil on high heat for 10 minutes and then switch to medium heat to keep boiling for 1 to 2 hours, until the sauce of the chili sauce is concentrated to quite viscous, stop heating, continue stirring, and then add MSG and I+G and other savory agents, and wait until it is completely dissolved , Turn on the interlayer cooling water to quickly cool the sauce to 40°C, add meat flavors to adjust the aroma, and discharge when the temperature of the material reaches 20-30°C. How to choose a jacketed pot for heating and stirring chili sauce? For the steam jacketed pot heated by steam, you can choose a steam-type jacketed pot with a stirrer.
As a preferred solution, a vibrating feeder 12 is selected at the exit of the silo 11. The purpose of the vibrating feeder 12 is to evenly transport the hot pot bottom material to the lifting device 20, and the vibrating feeder 12 is started And the stop action is automatically controlled by the weight sensor installed above the weighing device 30. The lifting device 20 is a bucket elevator, and its running track is Z-shaped. The hot pot bottom material falls directly into the hopper of the bucket elevator from the outlet of the vibrating feeder 12, and the outlet of the lifting device 20 faces the scale. The entrance of the silo 31 in the heavy device 30. As a preferred solution of the present invention, the gas heating stir-frying machine chooses to set the lifting device 20 as a bucket elevator, which has a simple and practical structure and is relatively convenient for maintenance and replacement.

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