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  • Large automatic popcorn machine
Longze commercial full-automatic popcorn machine adopts the mixing form of planet / scraping bottom, and the spherical shape can be solved in one pot: the burst temperature of spherical corn can be reached in a short time, effectively solving the problem of intelligent popcorn corn on the market.The frame is made of stainless steel, popcorn production equipment, the furnace body is made of stainless steel, the stirring system is stainless steel, infrared temperature probe; the standard configuration of the semi-steel mixer; the working table is made according to the agreement.This is the craftsmanship that we Longze people insist on.In the fast-paced era, spherical popcorn has become the darling of snacks.
  • Picture of factory popcorn machine
The difference between spherical popcorn machine and traditional popcorn machine is different.Ronze's popcorn line is tirelessly producing delicious popcorn in a pot.She never complained, nor did she need to rest. She never took a day of sick leave, and she didn't need to pay.Our spherical popcorn finished product is 60 kilograms per hour, which is three times that of the traditional popcorn machine.The raw materials used are different.

Large commercial popcorn machine
The characteristics of the Longze spherical popcorn pot: the stirring blade is made of PTFE 4F Teflon stirring blade; the Longze popcorn machine is easy and easy to pour: the automatic hydraulic type of this series of equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm, freeDisassembly and assembly of agitator, popcorn machine, and then use hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot body, easy to enter and exit the raw materials to save manpower.Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies large-scale automatic popcorn machines.Buy machines to teach technology for free and provide raw materials!!Welcome to inquire and visit the store to investigate and purchase.

Introduction of Commercial Big Popcorn Machine
Introduction of American original popcorn, sweet popcorn with a salty taste, with a hint of corn mellow, it tastes satisfying, it is a better choice for you who like traditional taste.Lonze Machinery not only supplies equipment, but also teaches the recipe of popcorn: the unique taste of American popcorn, the spicy taste of Alishan mustard, hand-mixing, and falling in love with the mustard-flavored popcorn that fully induces budsWalk with great movies.

Advantages of the new popcorn machine
The advantages of popcorn machine: fully automatic control system: all operations can be achieved through the control panel, according to the needs of process recipes, temperature, speed and time are controlled to achieve standardized production and ensure consistent product quality.Shandong Zhucheng automatic spherical popcorn machine factory direct sales.
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