Automatic Industrial Candied Fruit Dried Fruits Making Machine Vacuum Cooking Pot Vacuum Kettle High Capacity

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Automatic industrial candied fruit dried fruits making machine vacuum cooking pot vacuum kettle high capacity
This large capacity vacuum cooking pot is widely used in sugar saturated dried fruits for industrial purpose. candied fruit vacuum cooking pot large capacity upto 1200L aims to increase efficiency for each batch within short time. The vacuum working environment maintains original fresh color of fruits and no damages to their nutrition, and can definitely decrease timing for saturation by 30% comparing with in normal working pressure.
By soaking sugar vacuum cooking pot income product color fresh, fruity,crystallization, sugar, infiltration polysaccharide, block shaped, product rate is high, is to replace the traditional extraction process of polysaccharide is the deal vacuum cooking pot equipment.At the same time,the  processing vacuum cooking pot can be applied to a variety of fruit products, strong universality.
Sweet natto vacuum concentrated cooking pot
Temperature Control
That vacuum jacketed kettle device is contact with materials directly ,control the temperature precisely.
1.vacuum jacketed kettle Kettle cover turning easily for opening and closing.
2.High Capacity: vacuum jacketed pot approx.600kg with one pot.
3.Longze brand vacuum jacketed kettle all stainless steel SUS304,durable and easy to clean.
4.Various heating methods,gas electromagnetic ,steam, thermal oil.
5. Bowl titled to 360° hydraulically to allow easy discharge of materials.
6 .Powerful water circulated vacuum pump to decrease processing time.
Pre-Sales Service:
To elaborate functions and features of inquired machines.
To help customers understand market situation.
To provide economical and practical cooking solutions.
To design and tailor as per customers' requirements.
After-Sales Service:
To test repeatedly before packing and shipping to ensure its functional operation.
To ship and deliver as agreed and scheduled.
To assign experienced technicians for machine installation on-site if required so.

Vacuum Cooking Jacketed Kettle

Automatic accessories
Safety relief valve will be relief the pressure automatically according to the set before,ensure the nutrition of materials,ensure the safety.
Smart control panel
All of buttons in this vacuum jacketed kettle panel ,easy for operation,save manpower and time ,no need for training.
Inspection glass
Check the color of materials through this hole.
It is very convenient.
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