Automatic The Popcorn Machine And Variety Of Flavors Popcorn Maker Machine For Popcorn

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However, most of the existing popcorn machines have the following problems: they cannot be completely separated from manual operation, the higher the degree of automation, the fewer flavors produced by the popcorn machine, and the lead content of products made by some traditional types of popcorn machines exceeds the standard.
Industrial Butter Flavored Popcorn Machine For Direct Coating Caramel Flavor Chocolate Flavor Gourmet Popcorns
The popcorn machine (baomihuaji) is a special machine used to make popcorn, and the popcorn machine is also a kettle corn machine.
Industrial electric popcorn machine with best price for foodstuff processing
The pot contains lead. When heated under high pressure, a certain amount of lead in the popcorn will melt, and part of the lead will become steam. And lead fumes pollute the raw materials. Most of the popcorn is basically popcorn popped out of exploded corn after simple heating.
The commercial automatic ball shape popcorn machine produced by Longze Machinery takes only a few minutes. The Longze brand popcorn machine is a more advanced popcorn machine. This kind of popcorn machine can not only make popcorn at a very fast speed, but also And it can make a lot of flavors.For example, caramel, chocolate, original flavor, matcha, etc.
Longze brand ball shape popcorn coating machine
The main varieties of traditional popcorn machines have only one flavor. In the face of a single variety, traditional popcorn machines are relatively backward. 

Intelligent Gas Ball Shape Popcorn Machine

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