The Best Popcorn Machine For Popcorn Factory

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A best popcorn machine developed by Longze Machinery for making ball shape popcorn is energy-saving, hygienic, high in efficiency, and simple to operate.
Large Commercial Ball Shape Popcorn Machine/Big Caramel Popcorn Making Machine  
The best popcorn machine for popcorn factory/the best popcorn making machine
1. Gas combustion is convenient for heating, and it is not limited by the factory voltage;
2. Electromagnetic heating is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The industrial electromagnetic popcorn machine saves 20%-30% of electricity compared with ordinary electric heating, with rapid heating and controllable temperature;
3. The inner and outer pots are made of stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, and easy to clean.
4. 360°planetary stirring and cooking (the stirring head can rotate and revolve);
5. The best popcorn machine is easy to operate (automatic ignition, automatic lifting, automatic cooking);
6. Safe and comfortable operation (centralized waste discharge on the back);
7. Stir/mix evenly (cream, caramel, chocolate and other flavors are made in one pot);

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