Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine

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Product Description of Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine:
When we grow up, the role of popcorn in our lives changes with the development of entertainment. Eating popcorn when watching a movie is one of the great marketing in the 21st century in my eyes. This "invented tradition" that changed people's behavior emerged during the Great Depression and has continued to flourish to the present. With the popularity of American spherical popcorn, there is a short supply in the wholesale and retail markets. At present, our Longze Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine has been used in all major and medium-sized snack food manufacturers across the country. The product quality is very mature.
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of Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine:
Shandong Longze Gas Popcorn Machine has all the advantages of a planetary stirring wok, and employs an advanced heating system and the perfect combination of pot body materials to shorten the corn popping time; When using the popcorn machine, one person can even simultaneously operate more than two devices. During the operation, there is no need for the operator to use a large shovel to stir-fry, pour the material, and turn the pot. All these work can be done by this series of popcorn machine. It significantly reduces the labor intensity and labor density of personnel, and the employees can work in a more relaxing and comfortable environment. At the same time, it can also reduce labor costs for companies.
different parts of Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine
Thank you for finding Longze Machinery in the vast network. Most of the relatively large popcorn manufacturers in China use our Large-scale New-style Gas Popcorn Machine. I believe we will use professional technology to provide you with high-quality popcorn machines. Popcorn has a variety of flavors. Isn't the sweet and crunchy popcorn particularly delicious? When you go to the cinema to watch a movie, you will eat popcorn and have coke while watching a film. When children go to the playground to play they also like to hold a popcorn bucket and eat popcorn while playing! But this is the case, you can only buy popcorn outside. What if I want to eat popcorn at home? I will just buy some packed popcorn produced by popcorn machine and store it at home.

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