A Popcorn Machine Suitable For Mass Production Of Popcorn

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Ball shape popcorn is very popular in the market. If you only rely on a single machine, it may not meet the requirements of high output. Therefore, our company independently developed and designed a ball shape popcorn production line! Eball shapely suitable for the needs of high-volume popcorn factories!
popcorn machine
This fully automatic popcorn production line includes breaking up-conveying-cooling-screening-finished product packaging! If you are also interested in this assembly line, you can contact us.

Multi-functional Large Capacity Industrial Automatic Gas/Electric Caramel Flavors Popcorn Machine Hot Sale
Large-scale automatic popcorn machine ball shape popcorn production equipment, with an output of 55-80Kg an hour. Corn is a ball shape popcorn imported from the United States, with a ball output rate of more than 90%. The large-scale automatic popcorn machine has two types of gas and electromagnetic heating.
Multi-functional Large Capacity Industrial Automatic Gas/Electric Caramel Flavors Popcorn Machine Hot Sale
Other heating methods used by popcorn making machines on the market should be carefully considered. The former is not as effective in terms of temperature and time. Longze brand commercial popcorn machines have been used by a large number of popcorn factories and customers to prove that the quality has passed. The quality of the caramel and chocolate popcorn is stable. No other popcorn coating machine is needed to make delicious popcorn with different flavors.

Q1: Delivery time?
A1: 10~30 work days after receipt of down payment.
If the order is urgently, we will push our workshop to finish ahead of schedule.
Q2: Packing?
A2: Wooden cartons suitable for International transportation 
Q3: Warranty and repair?
A3: 2 Year and lifetime maintenance.
Q4: Complaint solving process
A4: Find your salesman-Salesman provide solution (If it's our responsibility, we will resend substitutes or return money or provide discount for your next order, etc.; If it's shipping company's responsibility, we also will help you until the problem is resolved.
Q5: Payment method?
A5: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

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