Industrial High-pressure Cooking Kettle Machine For Cooking Hard Materials Like Bones Beans Meat Soup

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Industrial high-pressure cooking kettle machine is widely used for cooking hard materials in a short time like bones, beans, meat soup, etc. Its aims to increase efficiency for each batch within a short working time. The high pressure of steam in the pot helps continue to cook materials even the heating is turned off, which can definitely save heating energy and decrease much cooking time comparing to normal working pressure.
Big Capacity Industrial High Pressure Vacuum Cooking Pot For Cookig Hard Bone Soup Making Candied Fruits
1. The whole high-pressure cooking pot is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
2. High pressure cooking pot is heat-resistant, beautiful, not easy to react with acid, alkali and salt in food, with long service life and high safety performance!
Big Capacity Industrial High Pressure Vacuum Cooking Pot For Cookig Hard Bone Soup Making Candied Fruits
3. Longze brand large steam autoclave is manufactured, tested and accepted in strict accordance with the national standard GB150-1998 steel pressure vessel and the original Supervision Regulation on safety technology of pressure vessel issued by the Ministry of labor.

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